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EU translation services

EU Translation Services is a Trade Nmae of the Herros BG Ltd. Our company is established in 1993. Since tis time we have been on the market, improving our skills and service quality. Our goals are dedicated to keep our clients completely satisfied with our services. We established a team of a large number of experienced professional translators all over the world. We have native speaker translators in all parts of the world we work with – Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Africa.

So, we brought our services to a higher level. You can get our service straight to your office, your home or wherever you are at this moment without even leaving your desk. What you need is just an Internet connection.

By optimizing our service technology, we are aiming to provide our clients with a high quality of translation on a lowest possible price. This is fully based on making the process optimized by using the modern technologies available now.

Our motto: Words that our clients say about us is our best advertisement!