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EU translation services

The parent company of EU Translation Services is established in 1993 in Bulgaria. Our idea was to provide the Bulgarian citizen with so needed translation services. At that time, the Internet was not popular thing in Bulgaria as well as in the most parts of the world. So, we worked only to serve newly opened Bulgarian businesses plus Bulgarian citizens who needed to have their documentation or correspondence with the rest of the world, translated. First, we started providing translation services from and to most popular languages - such as English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian. Then we established conntacts with translators working with other languages - such as Greek, Turkish, Romanian, Dutch etc. This way we gathered a team of translators working for our company.

With the time we established a long term business connections with many different Bulgarian companies of different sizes. We provided with translation services large Bulgarian of foreign companies working in Bulgaria. We also did that for many smaller Bulgarian or foreign companies. In 2003 our company was engaged with providing translation service of the Indian President during his first official visit to Bulgaria. We organized a coordination center to manage all the translator teams who were on service of all different groups of this delegation. The whole visit went smooth and the pleasure of the job done good was shared between us and our clients from the Indian Government.

Now, when the Internet created connections between the people and businesses all over the world, we are able to spread our services all over the world so we can provide with translation services everyone who needs such a service no matter where this person or company is located. So, EUTS appeared as a result of all this. Generally, we are a coordination center working with translators all over the world.