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Privacy and Cookie Policy

Privacy and Cookie Policy

1. Privacy

The Bulgarian company EU Translation Services (EUTS) with headquarters at 193 Georgi S. Rakovski Str, Sofia - in line with the provisions laid out in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April, 2016) and the Bulgarian law on data protection – protects and respects the users’ privacy when visiting the domain eurtranslationservices.com and makes every reasonable and adequate effort to prevent infringement of the users’ rights.

The present privacy policy aims to explain to the users the procedures used by EUTS as regards privacy. It covers the process of collection of personal data, the reasons for collecting such data, its use and protection, as well as the individual rights possessed by users.

The present privacy policy is not applicable and excludes responsibility on part of EUTS as regards information, privacy or other third party practices. This includes third parties managing services or websites referred to in eurotranslationservices.com.

The present privacy policy is applicable to any personal data acquired or processed by EUTS during the interaction of users with its website eutranslationservices.com, for example during purchase and use of our company’s services, marketing communication and customer service. Suppliers, partners, visitors and/or clients may be involved in such interactions.

In addition, EUTS also handles personal data outside of its website eurtranslationservices.com, where different privacy policies are required.

2. Data processing: General information

In the present privacy policy “personal data” means information referring to users. These data, on their own or combined with other data we posesс, help us identify users.

Site Users

We process personal data upon consent of the users. By visiting or using EUTS’s website users specifically agree to the present policy and give their consent regarding users’ personal data processing for the methods and purposes listed below. This processing may include disclosure to other parties if this is necessary for service provision. Data provision and, ergo, consent to data collection and processing is optional. Users can refuse consent or revoke it at any given time. Still, when consent is denied, EUTS may be unable to provide particular services and some functions of the website may not be available.


EUTS undertakes to make all reasonable efforts, conforming to the requirements of electronic service, to keep absolute confidentiality in the performance of its services. Any information provided to EUTS by its clients, including texts, purchase order specifics and personal data provided for the purposes of translation, is considered strictly confidential; gathered personal data are processed in compliance with Art. 6, GDPR.

Particularly, EUTS will use the provided information for the performance of contracts (and, if necessary, for the implementation of preliminary measures before contract conclusion). Such data shall not be disclosed to other parties or to the public without the client’s written consent. The data may be provided to EUTS’s authorized personnel or subcontractors in case their advisory or operational intervention requires such disclosure. The guarantees described above shall not be applicable if our company is legally required to provide such data or in case such data is already located in or enters the public area, notwithstanding its disclosure by EUTS. The same applies in cases where the data subject’s or another natural person’s vital interests necessitate personal data processing or where such processing is required in order to protect a legal interest of our company or a third party which prevails over the data subject’s rights.

Collaborators and Suppliers

Our freelance collaborators’ (consultants, affiliates, interpreters, translators, graphic designers, etc.) and suppliers’ personal data shall be regarded as strictly confidential. Only data published on our website shall be provided to other parties. Other information, including names, birth dates, phone numbers and addresses can only be processed by our company and its legitimate suppliers (banks, accountants, etc.) only to facilitate the appropriate execution of employment agreements concluded with them and to fulfill legal obligations.

3. Automatically gathered data. Web browsing information.

Like all other websites, this one also uses log files where it automatically collects and stores information from visits. The collected user information can include:

  • IP (Internet Protocol) Address;
  • Date/time of visit or request;
  • Browser type and device settings used for connection to the website;
  • Internet provider name;
  • Number of items clicked on, if applicable;
  • Method of submission of request to server;
  • Size of the corresponding file created in response;
  • Digital code showing the server response status;
  • Other parameters connected to the OS (operating system)/ IT environment of the user.

The information described above is collected automatically in a specific aggregated form for verification of the appropriate website functioning and security purposes. For the latter (virus detection, firewalls, spam filters) automatically collected information can include personal details such as Internet Protocol address (identifying uniquely the origin of the request at least upon submission), which, in accordance with the acting legislation applicable to the subject, may be used to thwart attempts to harm the website or other users, to carry out malicious operations and commit criminal offences. This information is used for the protection of the website and the users.

The described data is collected only to obtain anonymous statistics regarding the website’s use and to verify its appropriate functioning. The collected details are deleted straight after processing. Information used for safety reasons (to block attempts to harm the website) is stored for 7 days.

4. Cookie use

Cookie Definition

Cookies are small text files sent to browsers by visited websites and stored on users’ PCs. When a user connects to a particular website again, the cookies stored on his/her PC are identified by their site of origin. When you visit a site, you may also receive “third-party cookies” (generated by other sites), e.g. links to pages in outside domains.

Cookies are used for a variety of purposes, e.g. to allow a site to recognize user devices or to monitor and store particular information about the users connecting to the server.

Cookie Types

Technical Cookies facilitate the proper functioning of the website and allow visitors to use its services.

Functional Cookies contribute to website navigation, provision of customized features and storage of selected settings.

Analytical Cookies serve the purpose of collecting information on visited pages, usage habits and errors occurring while browsing. They do not gather data that can be used for identification of the user’s PC. The information they collect is aggregated, hence anonymous.

All visitors give their express consent to cookie use simply through using the website.

Disable Cookies

Cookies may be disabled anytime from the settings of the browser with which they are associated by denying/revoking consent for cookie use. However it is important to note that if you disable the cookies you may not be able to use some website features appropriately.

Browsers have different setting management procedures. The following links provide specific instructions depending on the browser:

Cookies generated by third parties

Our website also transfers cookies generated by third parties. These are intended to support additional features and services available to users. They also improve the browsing experience through elements like social media buttons or video materials. The website does not control third-party cookies; they are solely managed by the parties where they originate. Therefore information regarding their purpose, use and options for disabling is provided by the other parties through the links listed below.

5. Social Networks (SN)

Our website includes buttons and/or plugins for SN to facilitate content sharing on popular social networks. The plugins do not set cookies when visitors access the website so user privacy is protected. Cookies can be set (in case the social network requires this) only when visitors use the plugin voluntarily and effectively. Please, keep in mind that if you access the site at a time when you are logged in a social network, you are deemed to have given your consent to receive cookies passed through our website upon your registration with the SN.

The gathering and usage of data obtained through plugins are managed in accordance with the social network privacy policies which can be accessed through the links below.

6. Email

Website users can receive electronic mail from EUTS on various subjects, for example to obtain detailed information on services provided by the company or to confirm an order.

Users have the option to reject such processing by notifying the Data Controller (DC) using the address given below.

7. Location for data processing

All data gathered by the website are handled at the Data Controller’s head office and the data center supporting the web hosting services. The company SuperHosting.BG handles and processes data in the name of EUTS. It is established in the EEA and operates in compliance with EU standards.

8. Data transfer in countries outside of the EU

This website may partially disclose collected data to services registered outside of the EU, particularly to Microsoft (LinkedIn), Facebook and Google (using plugins), and also to Google Analytics. Such data transfer is allowed with specific EU rulings guaranteeing personal data protection, more specifically Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2016/1250 on the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield, and does not require further consent. The abovementioned companies guarantee their compliance with the EU rulings.

9. Security Measures

This website processes user data in a proper and lawful manner with appropriate safety measures in place to prevent illegal access, modification, disclosure or deletion of information. Data are processed through electronic and/or computer tools under adequate measures at administrative, technical and organizational level aimed at the protection of personal data in the company following criteria relevant specifically to the stated purposes. Regardless of all efforts no system for transmission and storage of data is 100% safe. Users with justifiable doubts regarding the security of their interactions are kindly asked to inform us immediately of the issue.

Besides the DC (Data Controller) particular cases may require access to stored personal data to be granted to other parties participating in the maintenance of the site, such as marketing and administrative personnel, and system administrators. Also external individuals (e.g. providers of technical services and hosting, mail couriers, communication agencies and IT companies) may be granted access to personal data by the DC, when necessary.

The users’ personal data shall be stored for the required or permitted period with respect to the reasons for its collection. There are three main criteria set to determine storage times:

1) the time period in which the site eutranslationservices.com is regularly visited by the users;

2) the existence of a statutory or a contractual obligation on the side of our company;

3) the possibility to keep data relevant to the legal position of our company (e.g. regarding checks for regulatory compliance, time limits and disputes).

10. User rights

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation and the Bulgarian legislation users can exercise certain rights related to their personal data in the aspects and to the extent provided in the acting legislation. Every user has the right to:

- demand confirmation with respect to the availability of personal information that concerns him/her;

- learn the origin of the information;

- receive comprehensible communications;

- be informed of the methods, purposes and criteria of data processing;

- request correction, cancellation, integration, update or anonymization of his/her personal data;

- request blocking of information processed in an unlawful manner, including data that is no longer needed for the purposes existing at the time of its collection;

- when data processing is based on the user’s consent, to receive at-cost support for personal data submitted to the DC in a comprehensible and structured form, data-processor generated, in formats that are accessible on most electronic devices;

- lodge a complaint at the Authority for Supervision;

More generally, users are free to exercise all rights provided in the relevant legislation in force. Requests shall be sent to the DC. In particular users can exercise their rights with respect to personal data processing by the website www.eutranslationservices.com through communication with the DC using the provided address. Our company will respond in compliance with the relevant laws. User requests may indicate which personal information to be modified or deleted from the database of the company, or specify certain limitations on personal data use by the company. Please, note that the company may have to keep certain details for the purposes of registration and/or completion of transactions initiated before the request for modification or cancellation.

11. Parental guidance

The website eutranslationservices.com is not meant for children, in accordance with the applicable laws. We would not intentionally collect personal data from minors. Still, EUTS complies with the regulations where they require a parent/guardian to authorize the collection, use or disclosure of personal information of minors. Our company undertakes to protect children privacy and encourages guardians and parents to monitor actively the interests and activities of their children on the internet.

If you are a parent/guardian to a minor who has provided his/her personal data to us without your prior consent, please, contact the DC using the address below. If it comes to our knowledge that we have collected the personal details of a minor, we will remove the information from our database.

12. Data Controller (DC)

The DC – in compliance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR), the Bulgarian laws on data protection and other related provisions – is Herros BG LTD, 193 Georgi S. Rakovski Str. Entr.B., Sofia 1142, email: office@eutranslationservices.com.

13. Data Protection Officer (DPO)

EUTS appoints Mr. Karl Aladjov as its DPO. You can contact the DPO by email: admin@eutranslationservices.com